Thursday, April 19, 2012

Need Stuff?? In the Boston area?

Have you been to EXCL? Non-profit and membership-based, EXCL (Extras for Creative Learning) is dedicated creative reuse.  It  warehouses castoffs from local businesses, and makes them available to anyone who sees their potential.  EXCL is a gift for teachers and artists.

They need your support to stay in business.

I cannot tell you how much wonderful stuff I've hauled home from there:  fabric, paper, stationery, office supplies, wood, tile. And then there's the cool stuff, like pipettes and wheeled tables.

 Saturday April 21 try out ExCL for the day; $20 per person. 

All materials that are free for members will be available for you. This offer is for Saturday ONLY. We are not issuing passes that can be used on another day.

email Jodi with questions

Pass on this info to all your mixed media friends, art teachers, and lovers of things to collect and create with.  Happy art making.

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