Thursday, December 22, 2011

Transformation from the heart


Another kind of Boro, not Melanie Testa's Rock Star style but from the heart. 

Two weeks ago, a friend asked me, what could I do with clothes - those last special pieces - from his mom, to make a gift for his sister this Christmas? 

We discussed an art piece, but then I said, what about a scarf?
Something warm and full of memories? 
He was thrilled. A few days later he brought me a huge box of clothing.
Could I make one for him, too, and for his niece as well?

The clothes were lovely pastels, full of beads and detail. 

As I pieced, trimmed, and rearranged, patterns emerge

Joining pieces

Getting closer
Some features begged to be preserved. This lovely bit of handwork is now at one end of the scarf.

Hand beaded and emboidered

Other places felt plain, and I created new detail from scraps to continue the floral feel.
New stem from scraps
 The first scarf is done, a second is one its way. 
I love how work feels when it's for someone who cares.
Ready to line

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