Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mending + Art

Indigo Boro Futon Cover, early 1900s
The internet introduced me to Japanese boro, and periodically I've browsed sites like this and this  with admiration. But  I never thought of calling my own inclinations by the name until yesterday, when I read Melanie Testa's  series on Rock Star Boro.

Holy patchwork, honey. It has a name.

My mom used to darn socks while I did my grade-school homework. 

Darning interested me more than the times tables.

Mending + Art = Time + Love

So, thank you, Melanie. Here's my latest scarf - stitched together from ten year old school knit samples, plus bits of lace, abandoned, reclaimed, over-dyed.
Not to mention scraps of Parisian velvet, linen samples and thrift-shop sweaters.

The patches started because of moth holes.
At some point functionality left off and art set in.

Toasty warm and full of memories.

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Melly Testa said...

Here is a well deserved comment, "way to go!"