Monday, December 19, 2011


I'm preparing for my January classes: art journaling and thermofax printing. 

First: let me thank the wonderful people who I've taught this year.

I love the staff and students at Carleton-Willard Village. The people there always teach me. Together we rediscover the amazement of putting paint on paper.


Thank you to the people who came to my Thermofax Printing classes in Lowell. They brought such a spirit of adventure. As usual, I forgot to take pictures because so much was happening, so here's a shot from an earlier class. (It helps to have a student who's a professional photographer!)

And finally a big shout out to the wonderful women in The Sensuous Surface, my class this fall at Arlington Center for the Arts.

They came to class, after a hard day or a long week, and turned into artists.
We had a lot of laughs, used a lot of paint,  and made a ton of good work.



Their energy and enthusiasm brought me joy.


I can't wait to do it all again next year!


Susan Gurry said...

So where is my ugly fabric? And face?


Linda Branch Dunn said...

We need to post the soundtrack - such wonderful laughter. See you again in the Spring!