Wednesday, June 8, 2011


It's done. Three panels. And now I think I'll make two more, little ones, to go on either outside edge.
 Recently I attended another  Golden Working Artist  workshop. Adria Arch is our representative, leading workshops about paints, mediums and techniques. The workshops of course promote Golden materials, but I appreciate the chance to experiment with guidance, not to mention free supplies.

The most recent workshop was on gelatin transfers. I'd been having so much trouble at home I went. Surprise: the big lesson of the day was just how finicky and unpredictable the technique is, dependent as it is on ink level, paper type, even the weather (very cold and dank that morning.) Yet, among all the failures, this piece:

Today the weather swings to the outrageously hot - nearly 100. (Calm, gradual weather shifts:  did I make these up or do I really remember them?) I'm working on the press release copy today: good work for an air-conditioned coffee shop. Then a college friend arrives, and in the afternoon I teach, then I pick up new sunglasses and my DVD from my photo shoot the other week. So poof another day flies by.

I need to figure out how to support this piece. My daughter, the set designer, says she can walk me through building a box for it. Can't be too hard, but, like any thing new, I'll appreciate some guidance on my maiden tour.

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Diane Wright said...

This piece is so the imagery and color family.