Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Field Trip

To celebrate my girl's 16th birthday, our family got on the Bolt Bus and went to NYC for three days. No photos, just a mind crammed with memories.

The heat was high but the humidity mercifully low. We walked ourselves silly, marveling at people, stores, architecture. Our first thought was "there's a parade!" But it was just normal folks, so many of them, out for Saturday afternoon.

We walked a street fair, had lunch at Grand Central Station, stayed at a wonderfully old-fashioned hotel. We walked the halls of the Met until I was on visual overload. And, because we love live theater, we broke the bank and saw two shows:

At their core, both shows are about love, about existing in the moment. But one does it with feathered flamboyance, the other with existential rawness. Both are brilliant. A stunning contrast. As rich as good food.

Now its time for a nap.

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