Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Big floods, good chocolate

It rained like the end of the world Saturday. Water was running UP our little hill. It flowed off roofs in solid sheets. One town over, flash floods had people standing on the roofs of their stalled cars. Traffic ground to a halt, and streets turned into rivers.

Wndsor Street - outside the Taza Chocolate Factory

Taza Chocolate factory, a great little business, was 16 inches deep in water:

retail Store

They had just remodeled: no flood insurance. (Who expects to be flooded out in the middle of a city?) Production capacity has shut down, and cash flow is a challenge. The good news is, their inventory was on the second floor.

Drywall damage 16inches high

So if you like a good cause, a scrappy young business, and good chocolate, buy some Taza Chocolate. So they can keep making great, mindful chocolate, come hell or high water.

Watch video from Channel 5 about Taza and the Somerville flash floods here.

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