Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Many pots, one burner

Concentration, L. Dunn 2009

Slowly the pile of notebooks regrows. Still need to dye, print, make pins. Three holiday shows in two weeks. Where are those mice who sew for you after dark?

I taught my Alzheimer's class today. Everyone focused. Only one student wandered away. They did not notice the fire drill. People painted with fierce attention. The encouragement of others made them smile. I stayed late to hang their paintings in the classroom.

Lots of inspiration in the house. From the library: Lisa Cyr's Art Revolution plus an arm-load of books about watercolor.
From the postman, my very own copy of Rayna Gillman's Create Your Own Handprinted Fabric. I am ready to go throw paint around. But first I will make cookies for the high-school drama kids, who work until 10 pm every night this week.

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