Tuesday, November 10, 2009

enough of time away

Desultory day - weird heat, grey skies. I pinned and repinned Deer Moon up at the big studio. Got good input from friends and finally left in on the idea wall to sulk, or stew, or something. Hope to get up there and work it out on Thursday. Folks were restless at my teaching job too.

At home I am trying to make our small space feel less overwhelmed with My Stuff - always a problem right before the holiday sales. Digging and sorting I stumbled back on this idea, one of those "evening-before-the-show" brainstorms back in October.

They are pins, about 2 inches on a side. I sewed the collages from tiny scraps of hand-dyed and -printed fabrics. I think they have an air of loneliness about them. The photos are from a class picture my father was in, nearly a hundred years ago.

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Vivika said...


I love the small pieces. You are right - they are quite lonely and almost ghostly. V