Friday, August 7, 2009

The Fabrication of Imagination

Provocative, by Virginia Fitzgerald
The Fabrication of Imagination, now at the ALL Gallery on Market Street in Lowell, blew people away yesterday. The curator, Gwen Stith, has filled the space with work that leads you in. Every piece explores the boundaries. The exhibit reminds me of Annie Dillard's discussion of writers in The Writing Life. Like them, these artists "loved the range of materials they used. The work's possibilities excited them: the field's complexities fired their imaginations." The gallery vibrates with ideas.

The Fabrication of Imagination will be open 10am-6pm this Saturday,8/8, and from 10am-5pm this Sunday, 8/9. Also on this Saturday, Susan Webber will demonstrate free-motion stitch from 10-1, and you're invited to a reception for the artists from 2-4. Gallery hours for the rest of August are Saturday, 11-4, and Sunday noon-4.

To borrow from Dillard again, why do we make art, "if not in hope of beauty laid bare, life heightened and its deepest mystery probed?"


Diane Wright said...

After meeting you at the ALL (just after your demo), we returned every day of the Lowell Fest...and sent everyone we spoke to...we are enthusiastic supporters of your work.

I loved seeing it at the Western Studios too.

Thur-Sun in Lowell was a real kick! And it was lovely actually meeting you.

Diane Wright said...

The exhibit was super! We returned three times!

I was very happy that you were still in situ after your demo when we popped by. It was very nice to meet and chat with you.

I just love Lowell! It has so much going for it...thanks to the artists in residence.