Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Making the Rounds

Nope, I haven't died, but my camera did. So these photos are pulled off the internet. But believe me, Lancaster PA really does look like this:
Spent four hot days in PA with my sister, visiting my mom, whose hip shattered on the eve of her 84th birthday. She looked grim, but perked up considerably when my sister revealed the gourmet miniature birthday cake. Lemon mousse beats industrial food any day for attitude assist.

For my birthday my daughter and I worked at a local food pantry in the morning. It was good to feel useful. We patronized some local designers in the afternoon.

Since then I've been teaching and dropping off stuff at Goodwill and other charities - books, toys, etc. Best stop was Arlington's Fox library, which now has a resale shop for children's stuff - what a great idea. They happily accepted bags of out-grown, nearly-new toys.In between errands, my girl and I are working our way through Battlestar Gallactica. Ideas pile up in my un-air-conditioned studio. Twas ever thus, in August.

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