Wednesday, April 8, 2009

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You think she's posing, but actually she's keeping track of the squirrels.Yesterday's post of my DOG prompted several happy responses. So here for you dog lovers is Jacquie Lawson., my favorite source for e-cards. Much of her work features her own dog, Chudleigh.

No affiliation - My daughter (15 now) and I so love Jacquie's animations that we run through them together just for good cheer. Support an artist and drop one in someone's in-box.

If you feel handy with new software, here's a a place to build your own collage on-line. They have a free mother's day card offer now. Free is always fun.

Someone pointed me at this Flickr group today, all about textures. The collection is on the vintage/sweet side. I'm sure us fiber people can augment their collection!


Christine Marie said...

Your squirrel tracker is a cutie pie :-)

Kerry Hawkins said...

Thank you for this post. It's really cool

Anonymous said...

If you like Jacquie's ecards, you may want to check these artistic ecards as well.