Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Color and traveling

Follow this link for a fantastic article comparing the art of Matisse and Bonnard. They were contemporaries and colleagues. Their work is on display currently in NYC and Philadelphia. This article is unusually articulate about what makes paintings work. Read it and think about your own use of color and form.

I have been madly sewing inventory for the upcoming RISD craft show. This year they have a delicious gallery on line to whet your appetite.

Suddenly it is time to leave.

Each year for spring break we go on our Little Old Lady Tour: my mom outside Lancaster PA, my godmother outside Washington DC, and my husband's aunt outside Philadelphia. All three are now over 85. Time slows down when we visit; computers and DVDs disappear. We gossip; we eat. We walk slower and listen more. The drive is a bear, but always we are glad we when we get there.

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