Saturday, April 4, 2009

Check out Quilting Arts!

My colleague and former studio mate Merill Commeau has a beautiful article smack in the middle of the current issue of Quilting Arts Magazine. She's the cool chick in the bottom right corner of this photo by Megan Moore. (I'm the babe in the upper left. The shot shows all the artists who worked on the Visting Nurses Centennail Quilt.) You can see a sample of Merill's work here and here.

Her training in architecture and interior design combines with her remarkable eye and anything-if-it-works attitude to produce stunning, huge artwork. She just got back from a month retreat in Vermont, and begins work soon for a solo show at the Danforth museum. (Hey, that link features her art, too!)

Gotta go get my hands on that magazine. It's open studios again today, so I guess I'll stop by Friends Fabric Art on the third floor and pick me up a copy.

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