Saturday, February 21, 2009

Looking some more

Two days left to our stay-cation. Yesterday the weather was so bitter cold yesterday we stayed inside: gorged ourselves on chicken club sandwiches, home-made cookies, plus an orgy of movies: The Bourne Identity, The Science of Sleep, Oceans Twelve. My head was spinning.

Today we made it to the Harvard Museum of Natural History to see the exhibit of photos by Rosamond Purcell, from her new book, Egg & Nest. Beautiful. Next door was an exhibit about animals and color. Blue frogs, red birds and all colors of butterflies. Here's the promotional photo. It's a chameleon's tail:The museum is filled with the most bizarre collections: rocks, fossils, taxidermy. Reminds me of the Nature Lab at RISD, a wonderful library of THINGS. You could take out bones, butterflies, whatever. So I resolved to come draw, and joined the museum, hoping - the same way you do with a gym - that laying my money down will remind me of my promise to go.

We browsed bookstores, indulged in ice cream, and finally ducked inside a MDF, a high-end art/craft store, just to get out of the cold. The work was exquisite - much of it I could understand technically, but o the execution. The owner came up to talk, and, even tho we assured him we could only look, he was glad to have an appreciative audience (don't I know that feeling). So together we admired creativity and beauty. A lovely day.

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