Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Book arts in Boston

My husband and I are having a "stay-cation" while my daughter (14) is in Italy. Tho' I feel something fundamentally is wrong with who's where, I am enjoying the leisure and the company.

Yesterday our explorations took us to Boston College where we saw the incredible exhibit of artists books from the National Museum of Women in the arts.No photography allowed, so I borrowed this image from the website, where you can find several gorgeous photos. For added vacation feel, we traveled there on the T. Streets that are hair-raising to drive are a blast to watch from the comfort of a street car. On the way home we got off in Brookline to eat at JoJo Tai Pei , a friend's restaurant. Then, thanks to an article about Alston being the "epicenter of ethnic food" in the Sunday Globe, we figured out how to come on the bus. We noted places to check out later in our holiday, and got to rubber neck as we bumped back to Harvard Square.

Today we're checking out the Tufts and Wellesley museums. And I'm turning off the computer.

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