Friday, October 24, 2008

New Work

This new line makes me so happy:I have been printing my new bird screens on already-printed fabric. The results blow me away. This fabric came from a friend years ago. He found it in his mother's house. It looked so ugly I actually used it line quilts. Yikes. Now it's cooler than cool, and I just have a few scraps left. Here it is, made into a cozy clutch.

Other images are going into collages to hang on the wall. Remnants get incorporated into my key bags. Look for new clutches and key bags each day at my Etsy store. Fuller Craft Museum has asked to showmy bags at their holiday sale. The key bags will also be on sale at the Loading Dock Gallery during December. But you can pick out your favorites at Etsy right now.


Vivien said...

All looks great. I agree that the formerly "ugly" fabric looks very cool now.

Christine Marie said...

Linda, these are so adorable. BTW, TAG You're It!