Thursday, September 11, 2008

Approaching completion

Here's the completed quilt I had in pieces a couple of weeks ago.After crit, I felt like I just had too many ideas for one piece. I edited for clarity: moved to bird up, took out images that clamored for too much attention, worked for rhythm the eye could follow. I'm satisfied. And there's a pile of material that didn't get in, waiting for new pieces to begin. Here's another detail. The piece is about half-quilted. I hope to finish it before the weekend.

Today I played hooky, though. A friend and I curled up under a quilt and watched "The Orphanage." Now I'm all dizzy with those grey images, and must give my mind time to come back to me. Do you find movies haunting? My husband can watch one after another on TV, but me, I find the visual imprints itself behind my eyes. The pictures can linger for a days.

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Vivien said...

Love it. I'm impressed with your self-edit; that's a skill I'm still lacking.