Monday, August 11, 2008

Art in progress

I have been working. The small pieces are for Cambridge Artists' Cooperative Gallery, and for the show at RISD in October.These small pieces are like the scales and arpeggios my piano-teacher mom used to have me play every day. They warm up the art muscles. Usually I place a favorite fabric and then the rest of the composition rotates around that.
The "falling Squares" have long been a motif for my smaller pieces. Do they belong in the larger work?
Two larger pieces are on the wall. This one is giving me trouble. I like best small moments of repeating dark/light rectangles. I think it needs more dark to stop the eye from wandering all over the place. Do the birds belong there?However, this piece I like a lot. It is more still, more like the small pieces writ large, instead of a tangle of ideas. It needs more weight at the bottom, and on the right. Maybe I should just ditch the red piece instead of wrestling with it, and finish this.

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