Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New work

I am a woman possessed. I have gone to the Big Studio almost every morning for two weeks, trying to finish work. The more I do, the more appears begging to get done, and the more momentum drives me back the next day.

This piece is off the wall now, more complex than when I took this photo, and being stitched. I love it more every day. Right now I call it "Notes to my daughter."

Flight (shown below in its mock-up stage) is finished. It's even being photographed, along with Reach (finished) and Grasp (still needs to be edged and mounted).

To the Sea just needs its sleeve. I'd post it here but the computer refuses to speak to the camera this afternoon. Another piece is brewing on the design wall. (Well, technically it's rolled up in my storage area, since I share the design wall with seven other people.)

How do you go from idea to product? Do you sketch out a design? Do you let the material draw you? Do you come to the piece with an image in mind?

Usually, I have been moved by a group of fabrics I've printed: they seem to come together, to form a critical mass, and create energy together. Of course, that is just a starting point. Then it's push, shove, edit, redo, until the balance of image, color, contrast and movement feels right.


Rayna said...

Lucky you!! Time in the studio to start and finish and start more. You and I seem to work similarly - I, too, start with the fabrics that speak to each other and to me. But it is a long way from throwing them in the wall to having a cohesive piece. You've done it, and beautifully, with these two pieces.

Ann Christine Dennison said...

I am so glad I found your blog!
Love your work!

When I create my normal practice is to jump into it and work 'intuitively', never knowing where I will end. It is a process that is exiting and at times scary and I can be awed by the results, wondering where they came from. Depending on which material I use I can let the some of them draw me in. I work with many mediums and have worked with fabrics as well.

Anonymous said...
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