Friday, October 19, 2007


Spent the morning wrestling with photography. I'm learning, slowly. Thank heaven for Gloria Hansen's generous essay in the SAQA journal about resizing photos. I am a slow mule when it comes to mastering new technologies. Even when I worked on the cutting edge, I was always confused.

To cheer myself up, I photographed two works in progress. The first was an exercise in piecing that grew, came apart, then went back together. I can't make up my mind how well it stands up, but I started quilting it today.
The second came during my first session printing with dyes. It makes me happy. I don't think it needs much more work, but I won't let myself start on it until PRODUCTION (purses purses purses scarves purses) for the holidays is over.

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Anonymous said...

Linda..I just started following your blog through SAQA and I think your work is shows so much freedom and disregard for the "rules" put upon us from time to time in art. Your WIP's are fantastic. Louise Schiele, CA.