Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Piles of paperwork to do. But I'm thinking about the Next Piece, which has been in the queue since the fall: I'm wondering whether to cut and rearrange it, or just stitch it up as is. I took photos so I can cut and paste on my computer first.

Drove up past the mountains of snow to Lowell for the weekly gathering of Lowell Fiber Studio. Even with the holidays at hand, half of us made it. Lots of ideas about next year and beyond. Lovely to pull in the harness together towards new goals.


Rayna said...

IMO, it's perfect. Can it get better if you cut it up? Stitch away, Linda!

Linda Branch Dunn said...

thanks for being the voice of my conscience. I think I should start stitching too. Sigh. I like the printing part soooooo much better.