Sunday, December 30, 2007

Soft detours

My pile of second-hand sweaters now lies in my grandmother's mending basket, in pieces. The book is Colorful Stitchery by Krisiten Nichols, a talented woman I had the good fortune to know, when we were both members of Dunstable Artisans almost 15 years ago.

Here is my first felted throw:This one was cut with a rotary cutter and pieced by machine. Then it looked dull, so my daughter and I have been adding bits by hand: A fun and cozy project, since the quilt now is big enough to stretch across two laps. Also, if felt thin, so I am adding a second layer on one side.

The first throw was such a hit I am making a second to give away. This one I am piecing by hand, and keeping more color-coordinated:

It looks raggedy and is coming along slower but I enjoy the friendly process. They are both too cozy to be believed. All this from a few junk sweaters.


Anonymous said...

The sweater quilts look so soft and cuddly..are you backing them or just leaving the backside raw? Great idea for all those used up sweaters. Happy New Year!! Louise

mimi k said...

Yeah! I am about to make a blanket from old sweaters for a neighbor who is in Africa right now, adopting a little boy. So much fun from the thrift store :-)