Saturday, December 22, 2007

Winter brake

Brake, and break. The business is in neutral. I have a mental lock on the studio door. Yummy projects still follow me down the stairs:This pile comes from the Salvation Army Store. On Wednesdays you can hunt for $1 bargains. The sweaters are all 100% wool. I brought home 3 bags full and threw them in the wash. Now they are slightly felted, super soft, and so warm. This afternoon my daughter and I cut and piece. The idea was to make gifts, but I'm sure something will get made for us too, maybe a throw, to ward off the chills after the heat goes down at 9PM.

At Open Studios this month, I also fell for some hand-made yarn:

I don't knit well, but this looks so beautiful it should surmount my efforts.

Link of the day: The Little Red Blog of Revolutionary Knitting. Scroll down to see her political knits on display. On the light side, I love the rubric: the "Martha Stewart of Mess." Some of her poliltical art gives me shivers. Check out the body-count mittens. Last spring, when Lowell Fiber Studio sponsored an exhibit of scrolls, I wrestled with the idea of a piece about the inexorably growing body-count. I backed off. Here one knitter's done it with a pair of mittens, and time.

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