Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Action shot

Open studios two days in a row this weekend. We set up a print table outside Lowell Fiber Studios. People who remembered mimeograph machines got a special kick out of this application of thermofax technology.

This blurry shot shows the set up. By the end of each afternoon fabric covered every surface. Looked like my house!

The first day I worked with familiar images, over-printing unsuccessful dye runs:

The next day I switched to new images - mostly birds. The work went much slower: For the first time, I tried to figure out what would happen before the images struck the fabric.

Yesterday, working on production for the next sale, I put some of my graphics on a pre-constructed purse. My girl says it needs some sparkles down the left.

These bags are map cases from Army surplus. I would love to find a source for well-made purse blanks wholesale.

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