Monday, September 3, 2007

On the Way Home

Came home the slow way with the girls, taking 4 hours to return (compared to my husband's two). Why "scream" home, as he put it, when you can noodle, with the windows rolled down and the crickets singing? The quietest summer morning must be the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. Everyone who had to leave was gone, everyone who just came is still in bed. We found tomatoes at a self-serve stand, looking as beautiful as any art:
Then stopped at the Green Briar Nature Center. The buildings were closed, the trails deserted.
So after we admired the bunnies and got hissed by the swans, the girls built a fairy house while I sat by the pond in the sun. We lunched in the garden, then finally left. Now that is the way to come home, if you must.

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