Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fabric everywhere

My studio is a happy rat's nest of fabric, vaguely separated into color families.

After attending the Art to Wear opening at Cambridge Artist's Cooperative, I gave some of my quieter purses a fashion make-over.

Yesterday I delivered a half-dozen pillows to a local gallery. On a hunch, I also took the gallery four of my small quilt/art pieces. The owner called today to say she liked them. I'm hoping someone who shops there will too. I mounted some small quilts as wall pieces for the open studios in Lowell this weekend.
A quilt that's been on my wall since spring got some attention too. I don't think it will be ready for the RISD show next weekend, but it might at least be available to work on during Open Studios.Also made journals yesterday, to deliver to two stores. By tomorrow I'll have a dozen journals for the local gallery. Anyone know where I can get mice like those the Tailor of Gloucester had?

To top it off my daughter and I culled many many bags of unwanted stuff out of our closets.
Back to work....

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