Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bread and Butter

Put my shoulder to the wheel to produce pillows for resale. I use them as color exercises. My new piping foot makes the finish work a little more interesting to do.

How do you balance the urge towards fine art and the need for cash? The gift items don't pay as well as bagging groceries but I get to work in my studio.

Some small pieces are in the queue to be finished and shipped as well. I call them "Portable Art:"


Sue B said...

These pillows are very cool!

MimiK said...

It was great to meet you the other night. Thanks for put a link to my blog! And, I love the bags- Anything is better then bagging groceries, especially if it means playing with fabric, colors and a new piping foot :-)
Can you send me info about your Open Studios?