Sunday, July 17, 2016

Working BIG - Art with the Elderly

A facility where I teach is adding a new wing. The activities director decided there should be ART on the temporary walls. My Assisted Living class got one panel. So with short notice, on the fly, I drew flowers and dogwood blossoms, to create two work levels for my students. Most are in wheel chairs.
First brush strokes
The aides seated the class in a semi-circle. 
The effect was so relaxed: art as in-the-moment miracle, one you could relax and observe.
Painting together

The mural took three one-hour sessions to finish.
Two artists, side by side
What made it so fun? No one was totally responsible, for starters. Fine motor skills no longer mattered. Big marks were easier to see with older eyes. But I think it was also the thrill of the forbidden - how many of us long ago were told never to draw on the walls?
Our panel's on the left. Two more panels, center and right.

 In between sessions I filled in the big areas. Sky first, greens last. 
 In another week or so, the sheet rock, and the paintings, come down. 
Someday, though,I'm painting on my own house walls.

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