Thursday, July 21, 2016

Add and Subtract

The track of memories has drawn me to this photo, taken by my father over 50 years ago. Me and my big sister, in matching outfits made by my mother's mom.
Easter bonnets. Easter flowers.
 Old photos often serve me as source for sketch book explorations. 
Recently I realized that even  my rudimentary Photoshop skills were enough to manipulate images on the computer.
experimenting with addition and subtraction

What to add, what to remove, to evoke change, loss, memory?
three layers of past tense images

Every idea is a branching path.
I picked this one to follow this spring.
Layered image, reversed for transfer printing

Printed and transferred onto vintage tea napkin, the image argued with earlier random dying. It ached for color. So I painted, collaged, and stitched.

After a month's rest, that seemed too chaotic. Perhaps I'm responding to the news. It seemed important to bring more unity, to echo pattern, to calm and center the piece.
12x12, mixed media, mounted on board

What do you think? Finished now?

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