Friday, February 19, 2016

With love

Some out-of-favor polka dots, skimmed with crimson and gold. Then a black-and-white text paper, veiled with crimson. Finally, lots of related circles from all these and more, using a Papertrey die so  hoop and circles match.  Little messages from tiny Papertrey stamps. Nice break on a quiet afternoon.

Last week, we made Valentines in Assisted Living. Something about all that pink brings out the best in everyone.
 Residents made cards. Staff joined in.  
"This should go on all day," declared the director.
 Cards were made for spouses, children, grandchildren. I talked one woman into making cards for her granddaughters in college. High point of my day.

The week before, I led Heart-Felt Collage at the Arlington Center for the Arts. 

So much loving creativity.

 And lots of paint.
Big hearts, creative people.  A great afternoon.


Diana K said...

Love the mixed media look of your fabulous card. And I know that your volunteer work is much appreciated. Sounds like you've had a lot of fun over the past few weeks :)

Marcie Rhys said...

Way to go. I saw this card on their site, and I didn't realize this was yours. It's a patriotic Valentine, a perfect example of altering a patterned paper. You are the queen of that realm! Thanks for the heads-up.