Friday, February 26, 2016

Alzheimer's Art: Winter Scene

This week my Alzheimer's art group collaged winter scenes.
It is a stretch, to move them through three different concepts  - black trees, white snow, and collage - in one hour.
 But the hard work paid off. Each person found something that worked for them and pursued it. 

They finished happy, some so much so they stayed an extra 20 minutes, working or just talking about their art.

I always line the finished pieces up, and point out how good they look together. Then I  remind them that each piece is different, because each person is different.

One woman never says a word. But as she left, she turned to me and held out a last deer.

 "Would you please put this in the corner?" She gestured to a painting. I glued the deer down. "Thank you," she beamed.

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Marcie Rhys said...

I love how you started the trees for each one, and how gloriously each continued on in their fabulous (and highly original) take. You really work hard at helping them get started, and then steering them off in their own directions. This should be seen by anyone working with a diverse group of people. (Love the extra glam the sequins give their work!)