Monday, May 5, 2014

Thermofax workshop: Prayer Flags

 Saturday May 3, students  joined me at the Arlington Center for the Arts to try something new. They printed their own fabric, then created prayer flags or banners. 

I gave each student their choice of four small screens to work with. After a brief talk about flags, bunting, and symbols, we got down to the fun of printing.

The students had access to a library of colors but a limited set of images. 

printing through a stencil
This produced some truly beautiful results, including layers, reverse-prints, and  free-form repeats.
Water-color print-off layered with text

At the half-way point, we cleaned up, then began to compose. The students used their prints, along with heap of colorful scraps I'd brought, to expand the possibilities.

a banner for a friend
Everyone brought unique energy to the day. It was amazing to watch their voices emerge in the course of one afternoon.
layers and layers

working with sheers

 Along the way we shared stories, ideas, and laughs. The class surely could have run another two hours. People left with  nearly-finished work, four screens, and a sense of possibility.

finished banner

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