Sunday, February 9, 2014

Image Transfer Class

layered family images
This weekend, ten  women joined me at Arlington Center for the Arts for a fast-paced class in Image Transfer.  They brought images and substrates, everything from tissue paper through mat board to cotton, silk, even clothing. I hauled in my printer and an array of transfer media.
many busy hands

The subject is so broad, the techniques related yet disparate, and the materials constantly evolving. I "narrowed" the subject down to four techniques. We started with the tidier methods: water transfer from a waxy surface, and iron-on transfers.

iron-on transfer from original photos
After a quick lunch we got down to business with the larger adventure of  alcohol and acrylic medium transfers.  A lot to cover? Yes, but these folks were up to the challenge.

images from Israel
Along the way: lots of experiments,  excellent questions, shared failures and discoveries. The bonus for me as teacher, the surprise of new ideas. Some fine pieces happened.  One person even embellished a shirt. I love when people bring in clothes to alter.

The beauty of learning in a classroom is the support that students offered each other. Everyone was generous with their knowledge, sharing how the same techniques worked (or didn't) on more substrates.
making gel transfer
Plus there was real support for finding potential in the unexpected.

Many styles, many samples
Thank you, Mary, Amy, Heather, Elizabeth, Judy, Maryanna, Jean, Kimberley, Gayna, and Lolita for a wonderful day.
gel transfer onto silk

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