Monday, February 10, 2014

FreeForm Fabric Collage

 Freeform Fabric Collage at Arlington Center for the Arts:  Every time I teach this class it is a surprise, full of new talent and ideas.
exploring color
This year is no exception. The students are all experienced. They are working with paper as well as fabric. They want to experiment with form as well as design.
preparing fabric
The first week, students took an existing image and explored in line, value and color:

 Last week we worked on the surface, creating stamps and then printing and stenciling. 
abstract and image
Even in two session, people's styles emerge. Look at these. Same artist, two assignments:
This student is working with leaf designs. I love her layered pieces from last week. The left is from stamps, the right from stencils, but they work harmoniously together.

We alter surface once more this week, using gelatin plates. Then we start to shape andcollage, with glue, fusibles, and stitch. Cards, boxes, books, flags, all waiting to be born.

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