Thursday, January 31, 2013

Inspiration and Dreams

Small collaged board, detail
I often listen to music while I work. 
The beat of the music combines with words and fabrics.
 Art for me is like music: dance of color, texture, and meaning.
Second detail
 This series ranges in size from 12"x12"  to 4"x4". 
The text and images are hand-printed on scraps of linen.
Six inch square of confidence
Then I collage these to boards, using the techniques I learned from Alexandra Sheldon. It is like piecing a puzzle, and creates a smooth, inviting fabric mosaic.
I have been making Portable Art for almost two decades now.
It seems so important, to have art that fits in your hands, your budget, and your day.
Print on hand-dyed cotton with vintage lace thermofax screen
The smallest of these would sit happily beside anyone's computer. 
It lasts a lot longer than a Starbucks gift card.

Four-inch square Portable Art
The lace imagery comes from my vintage lace collection, 
transcribed to a thermofax screen. 
I'm hoping to post the screen, and more, for sale on my Etsy site soon.
A "dreamy" pair
This Saturday I'll have the work at Lowell Fiber Studio,
512 on the fifth floor of Western Avenue Studios, Lowell.
Yes. Of course.

 You may be a winner, just for the pleasure of looking at art an afternoon.

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