Saturday, January 5, 2013

Collage Cards

I was raised by a classical pianist. The way to start every day when I was a girl was finger exercises at the piano. Today, that urge, to review, to practice, to warm up, continues, most recently expressed as a series of collaged cards. 

Some might call it working in a series. I call the cards siblings.  An idea emerges, a combination works, and I lay out 5 to 10 cards (depending on how crowded my workspace has gotten) and set out to see how that idea can grow. Often my favorite of the series spurs a new idea. The process feels like a plant growing: leaves sprout, tendrils twine, and the sun pulls growth upwards.

This set was ordered by a friend. She's picking them up at Open Studios today in Lowell. I hope she loves them. You can also find them at Gift of Art, 50 Cross Street, Winchester, which has extended its hours through January.

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