Tuesday, November 22, 2011

All I Wanted Was to Paint

Who said that life's what happens while you make other plans? 
Today's plan: buy a dozen cradled boards.
Sand, prime, paint, glue.
No boards at the local store, so I headed north.
On Tobin Bridge, my car took on something else from the upper deck. 
Glass shards everywhere and very nearly a couple of holes all the way through.
It looks bigger when you are peering through cracks at rush hour traffic.
The cracks are quite beautiful in the tunnels - they look like water
running across the windshield.

So instead of a peaceful afternoon doing this:

 I've drove to the State Police downtown,
and home in rush hour.

Everyone has been kind. 
I did get those cradled boards.
They need sanding.
But first, a cup of tea.

1 comment:

Linda Germain said...

Bummer, but you're OK so that is a good thing. Happy Thanksgiving.