Tuesday, October 25, 2011


It is good now and then to put on student shoes and take oneself to a new place.  
Two weeks ago, I joined  Linda Germain at her Haverhill studio for a day of gelatin printing on paper. I learned that printing on paper is a whole different animal from fabric work.
Each student got a private table, with plenty of room for a large palette, a gelatin plate,  multiple brayers,  and piles of paper. We had free reign with  supplies: stencils, found objects, stamps, paints and papers, even a moldy gelatin plate.
I felt continually surprised and sometimes frustrated. Still, each print suggested another.  
I came home with an armload of attempts and a brain on fire with ideas. 
I was so tired, I went to bed at 8 but I saw gelatin prints all night in my dreams.  
So now what?  Frame? Make books? Work back into them? 
Tear them up and collage? Or print some more?

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Linda Germain said...

So cool to these framed and in print.