Monday, September 26, 2011

Open Studio Preparation


The week before any event one's mind begins to run: do more work? finish stuff? clean the studio? send more email? This results is hours spent, during the dead of night, listening to crickets and wondering if keeping that file clerk job wouldn't have been more peaceful. Which just shows you how long it's been since I was a file clerk, that I can get sentimental about that job.

Today Lowell Fiber Studio meets. So many people express amazement that seven women share a space and work side by side, but why this surprise? They are colleagues, friends, a support system and an inspiration. They help me get things done. I love them.
Lost in the Garden

These photos are from my latest photo shoot with Joe Offria.

Unfolded Time (detail)

My studio is waist-high in small production ideas - scarves, purses, small art work. I hope the humidity drops soon.

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Rayna said...

Ah - more of your wonderful work. I am so happy that one of your pieces belongs to me!

Open studios? I am so happy that we are not having one this Fall, but waiting till next Spring instead. Hope yours is a huge success.