Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cast off the bow lines

 An artist of great talent, Ann Brauer posts today asking "how do you rage against the night?

Before my cancer diagnosis, I focused on production work. The disorientation of disease knocked a hole in that plan. 
Angry Quilt Linda Dunn
This piece came when I finally responded with my hands and my eyes to what was happening.  A journal page of sorts, for anyone to see.

The piece was a turning point. I still make work to sell, but I welcome the ones that are more personal, too. This quilt was made in response to my father's Alzheimer's disease:

Trying to Remember Linda Dunn
Most recently, I have been pondering change and age. My daughter is about to fledge.

Notes to My Daughter Linda Dunn
My mother's sister died in childbirth. My mom is nearing death. This painting is from a photo of my mother's sister, as a toddler. She died in childbirth when I was three.
Lost in the Garden Linda Dunn
Our lives are ephemeral and yet we are so intensely here. Memory is fluid, mutable, but it drives so who we are. It's all a mystery.

So is making art. I am never so here-but-not-here as when the paints fall on fabric.

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