Tuesday, May 10, 2011

On my desk now

Three more works for the summer show are pieced. They are a trio, related in size, color and imagery. I basted the second last night.

I stitched most of Saturday, while I gallery-sat for Open Studios Day at the Loading Dock gallery. Some experimental works continued, no pictures yet. Plus, hooray, I attached the binding and sleeve on this, probably the largest piece for my show in August:
The transition from flat to textured is always a surprse. It's not always right for the piece, but here the quilting lines are themselves part of the image, of trees and growth:


But first, Work. I need to arrange flowers for my painting class this afternoon. Also, I have to revise and print out photos for a commission in progress, about a family and their home in France. I've got the fabric primed; I'll print their additions tonight, and hope to start stitching the work together tomorrow.

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