Friday, October 30, 2009

October art

This morning's work. Working title is "Deer Moon." The deer were printed on silk ages ago. I just got up the nerve to cut them out and move them to other fabrics.
I finished a second round of t-shirts this week. This set is autumnal, an echo of the last yellows and reds outside. The cat, grumpy because rain drove her in, decided my work made a fine cushion:
She does not stay in long, because the dog finds everything she does so interesting:

Today I'm under the weather (flu? Cold? Who knows?). I think I need to crop the deer piece to make it narrower. God bless Photoshop:

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Gunnels blog said...

Looks wonderful, what a good idea to us photoshop !!! I whant to use that more in my works too. I have also a bad cold, not the flue, but I am so tired, and here is so gray and boring weather! Thank you for nice comment !