Monday, March 30, 2009

Printing away

I made some spectacularly ugly fabric last week. But I had so much fun it doesn't matter.
I was printing off screens I'd loaded with dye months before,using an accidental mix of dark brown. I wasn't thinking clearly about colors, just process, so the results, well, let's just say I now have great base fabric for experimenting. It can't get worse!

Today I want to get three nearly-finished projects off my desk. Six prints need to be packaged up for a sale at ArtStream Gallery. They are a collection from my bird series:They will be part of an Affordable Prints show this spring.

After that, I have a slew of keybags to finish, and some lovely square Advice pieces too.I've been holding off because I can't decide if they are pillows or Art that needs mounting: They are clearly decorative, but beautiful enough I don't think they deserve to be sat on.
Under THAT I have a commission to sort out: two small hangings in honor of a friend's mother. I must buckle down and create both a proposal and a schedule, or else it will be 2010 and still in the "in a minute from now" pile.

So I thought I'd stop work, blog, and tell you all that the movies Duplicity and Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist are both totally wonderful: non-stop intelligent and witty. Nick and Nora is also thoughtful and moving. Go see one and rent the other.

How else can I procrastinate?

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