Saturday, February 16, 2008


My lovely friend, Marci, is now the proud owner of "Song." She has raised love birds and cockatiels for years now, and she is also an artist in her own right, so I am very very happy to send this piece to its new home.

Thursday I shipped "After the Rain" to Paduccah for the upcoming Studio Art Quilts Associates exhibit "Art in Stitches". From the postings at the SAQA yahoo board, the piece will be in fine company.

Three more pieces go off the Groton Memorial Library in March, for an April show, "Botanical Inspirations." They range from literal to abstract; I'll be very interested to see them hanging somewhere besides my studio.

Today we set off for Lancaster, the first stop on our annual Little Old Lady tour. We will visit my mom (82) then my god-mother in Maryland (86) and finally my husband's Aunt Sis (ageless). We treasure each of them and wish we could stay longer at each stop. But o I do hate the 7 hour journey there and back again.

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