Monday, August 8, 2016

Christmas in August

Walk into a cool evening
On a hot Monday, a cool winter night, from IO Stamps and reclaimed papers.

The idea of a square card piqued my interest.
Start with rectangle of midnight-painted paper. What next?

The Impression Obsession Birch Trees die, complete with cardinals, cuts too delicate for my clumsy ways. But wait. There's hand-me-down self-stick white paper on my shelves. Voila! Birch trees even I can manage. 

The wee red cardinals, cut from used watercolor paper, are turned over and colored red. The deer comes out of an old file card. (Turn it over and you'd find tenth grade history notes.)

The ground and sentiment  are scraps of notes, sheet music, and an old novel. Even the purple card-stock was hand-me-down. 

Next time perhaps the birch trees will continue into the purple. But I like the off-center composition. It feels like a window into another world.

Reclaimed art materials + Impression Obsession + the Holidays = inspiration on a hot summer day.

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Giovana Smith said...

Love it!! The scene is perfect!