Tuesday, October 16, 2012

watercolors in autumn

My ability to think while sitting up slowly returns. 
I've  colonized our kitchen table, now called Command Central.

Flowers from friends and pumpkins bought for a class inspired me to bring out the watercolors. First: doodling on junk mail and flyers.

Who can resist the plumb eccentricity of pumpkins? 
 Mail art is a great idea. Remember the thrill of getting mail, real mail? 
I declare today Mail Art Day. Doodle on an envelope and put it in the mail to someone. With a note inside, of course.
 This letter's bound for my daughter at college.
Perhaps I am just sentimental about the post, being half-way through Pride and Prejudice. Elizabeth just got the long long letter from Mr. Darcy. 

I can slowly walk the dog now, around the block in the afternoon sunshine. Picking up leaves is good exercise. They are little, perishable gems of color, and pose for me once home.
 I made fresh applesauce and actually cooked  dinner last night: amazing after eating like a mouse for  week. So things are looking up, for which I am profoundly grateful.


Lizzie said...

I wish you well on your return to 'full working order'! I must have missed something didn't know you were poorly. Love the idea of mail art.

Linda Germain said...

I guess I missed something. Good to hear that you are healing. Wish you well.