Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Another Journal Page

Pears pears pears. They have the most sensuous shape. And they are forgiving: no perfect circle, not even perfect symmetry. Just that feminine slope and curve.
So many layers on this page. It started with text. Then I played with watercolor through a new Seven Jewels stencil from ArtistCellar. A bit still peeks through on the bottom.
As I laid in a color gradation with acrylics. Once that was dry, I doodled with markers, and the pears  began to emerge. So, more acrylic, some waters-soluble crayons, sandpaper (to take areas back a level) and white correction pen to bring some bright to the page.
Not a finished composition by a long shot, but perhaps some ideas.

Time to turn the page and see what's next.

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