Monday, July 18, 2011

work keeps coming

Echos - work in progress
 In David Bayels' fine book, Art and Fear, there is the parable about the ceramics class. Students are divided into two groups. One group's grade depends only on quality: they must submit their one best piece for their grade. The other is told they will be measured only on quantity.  At the end of term, each student's work for the semester will be weighed: the heavier the load, the better the grade.

The outcome is that the students searching for one, best piece become stuck. The students producing in quantity make discoveries and produce better work.

So it's no surprise that the hardest part of getting ready for the upcoming show is having to stop. Ideas spread like honey, rise like saplings.  They are the children of the work that's already finished, the parents of work still to come. 
Lost in the Garden - work in progress

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