Thursday, April 21, 2011

Layers of memory

 I have a a show in three months. Just a heart beat ago, it was half a year away. Somehow Life takes up a lot of time. Taxes, bills, family. Transportation, worries, plans.
 This piece began years ago, a salvaged linen table cloth. The deepest layers were dye, screen printed one spring over plant snipping I brought into the studio. Over a year later I printed again with dye. Then I waited, listening for what it wanted to be. A painting class with Elizabeth DaCosta Ahern raised new questions about intent. Now it is layered with acrylics, both printed and painted, and then several top coats of glaze. It reads almost like an encaustic. I'm pleased.

Meanwhile, at the beginning of the process, are prints made from a photo of my mother and her late sister, when they were girls. 

 It fascinates me, this sense of time captured, time remembered, time lost. What to do with these feelings, these images?

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